Marseille | ANIMA EMEA Business Forum

Marseille | ANIMA EMEA Business Forum

02- November -2016

On the occasion of ANIMA Investment Network 10th anniversary in 2016, and in the context of the Mediterranean Economic Week in Marseille, ANIMA and its partners organise the EMEA (Europe - Middle East - Africa) Business Forum, targeted at business and economic decision makers of this region, on the subject of the opportunities brought by the digital revolution and the new frontiers of cooperation between Europe and Mediterranean.




Why joining the ANIMA EMEA Business Forum


  • You are a corporate or entrepreneur interested in promoting your company in the EMEA region, understanding these markets and developing business networks across the region.
  • You are a private or public business support organisation willing to enhance or share your knowledge of the EMEA markets and develop contacts to serve your clients.
  • You are an investment or business promotion organisation interested in promoting your country or territory towards companies and business networks.
  • You are an investor looking for contact at high level and new venture opportunities.

Join the ANIMA EMEA Business Forum and benefit from premium networking and exchange opportunities:

  • Visions of EMEA government representatives on economic strategies and integration within the region
  • Strategies and opportunities offered by Digital Corporates for business competitiveness and acceleration
  • Success stories of entrepreneurs strategies within EMEA
  • Latest investment promotion and business climate drivers presented by EU and Mediterranean countries
  • Social transformation and entrepreneurship opportunities in development in the EMEA region
  • Meeting with potential business partners investors and facilitators to grow in EMEA