Petroleum Ministry raises diesel quota for electricity stations

Newly Appointed minister of Petroleum & Mineral Wealth, Osama Kamal, decided to pump additional quantities of diesel fuel channeled to power stations by 150 percent.

This decision came out of the need to meet the growing consumption as well as to overcome the fuel crisis in the coming stage. Rolling power cuts increased the reliance of many commercial and residential locations on gasoline use in electricity generators, thus placing a heavy burden on the petroleum sectors and leading to shortages of up to 92 octane fuels in a number of governorates.

Egypt’s oil experts say that an increase in diesel allocation for power stations must correspond with a rise in diesel imports and worry about potential gasoline supply shortages in the future.

Nevertheless, Mansour Zaki, Managing Director of the Petroleum Products Division, confirmed stability in the oil and gas sector as gasoline should be available in all governorates. In addition, the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation assured that oil products are available for citizens alongside increasing amounts for power stations.


Source: Daily News Egypt


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