Kick-off of SUSTEXNET Project

The Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA) participated as a Project Partner in the Kick-off of the 24 months EU funded standard ENPI CBC Med Project; SUSTEXNET (Sustainable Textile Mediterranean Network) which took place on the 12th and 13th of February 2014 in Alcoy, Spain.

SUSTEXNET is aimed at the establishment of a cooperation network among main textile agents across the Mediterranean basin to increase competitiveness and sustainability in the whole textile sector. The difference on the environmental treatment and impact of textile processes between different countries is an important aspect to take into consideration, representing the main objective of the project.

The Project includes partners from Egypt (CEEBA, Federation of Egyptian Industries), Italy (Artes, Confidnustria), Spain (AITEX, Impiva) and from Tunisia (CETTEX, MFCPOLE).All partners have a solid institutional status at their national levels, and a wide range of expertise and competences at both the national and regional/cross-border levels.

SUSTEXNET will foster technology transfer and interchange of good practices among the countries of the Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean, promoting improvements in processes, technologies, machinery and use of new raw materials or rationalization of the use of resources/waste generation. The project will promote the development of research-driven clusters adopting common environmental standards, aiming at maximizing the reciprocal advantage of countries for a multinational cooperation along the textile value chain in the whole Mediterranean region.

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