Support to project management Workshop

Support to project management Workshop

10- October -2018

Within the Framework of the EBSOMED project, a certified training course, targeting Business Support Groups (BSOs) is organised by The Union Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises (BUSINESSMED) in cooperation with Welcomeurope on October 10th in Tunis.

It will focus on strengthening project development and management capabilities and how to improve the capacity to develop international cooperations projects in the Mediterranean,

Through many practical exercises and case studies, the participants will afterwards not only be aware of funding opportunities available for Employers’ Confederations, but also be able to identify the most appropriate form to identify to access to funds and to formulate project ideas in line with the European Commission programs.

The first part of the Course aims to give an overview about the institutional framework of the European Union and its funding methods, before moving on intracommunity programmes.

The second part will then focus on external cooperation programmes and give insights in the EU Project leader obligation.

The participants will receive a Course attendance Certificate after attending the EU project manager course.

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