What We Do

CEEBA has been a major player in all industrial sectors by organizing specific conferences, exhibitions, symposia, business round tables, preparing white papers and organizing door-knock missions. Regularly, CEEBA delegations from Egypt are participating in conferences, workshops and roundtables in the EU.

It executes visibility activities and support to EuroMed and ENP processes and supports capacity building of economic operators (EU-Egypt Bilateral Chambers). CEEBA coordinates the activities of the European chambers and business associations in Egypt and acts also on behalf of non-existent bilateral chambers for EU member state.

CEEBA is also involved as a contractor in several of EU business support projects. It is the first partner to be solicited to conduct business meetings with EC commissioners, as well as with EU heads of states and cabinet members and the B2B activities for escorting business delegations.
CEEBA is the recognized partner of Eurochambres and has been a major actor of Med Invest and other MEDA 1, MEDA 2 and ENPi projects.

In organizing events CEEBA can rely on its extensive classified and updated database of Egyptian businesses in Egypt, which consists of CEEBA members, participants of events such as business luncheons, exhibitions etc. as well as events concerned with technical and vocational education/Training institutions. Through its excellent relations to government institutions and the local business community CEEBA is able to acquire top-notch key speakers and personalities of the Egyptian business and political community and find the suitable institutions to support this event.