Apr 19 2016
April 19, 2016


19- APRIL -2016

In the framework of EUROMED Invest program the tourism enhancement event TourClass Mashreq will be organized on 19th and 20th April 2016 at the GACIC’s facilities in Cairo, Egypt by CEEBA and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaga and the Chamber of Commerce.




The TourClass Mashreq event aims to strengthen the economic results and create synergies between tourism enterprises especially in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.
Around 20 entrepreneurs from the above stated countries, some with an existing business, some with a business idea, will attend the training provided. The main goal is to learn how to use the Internet more efficiently in the specific field of promoting tourism related enterprises.

The EUROMED Invest program within which Tour Class Mashreq is organized, is a European program with the aim to motivate private investors and strengthen economic relations in the Mediterranean region. Its goal is to bring Europe back to be the main Foreign Direct Investor in this area.