Feb 01 2018
February 1, 2018


01- FEBRUARY -2018
Organized for the 6th time this year, ATRAX International Attraction – Parks – Recreations Industry and Services Exhibition is the first and only specialized exhibition of the sector in Turkey where large-scale projects are brought to life. By organizing EVENT PRO and ATRAX concurrently, the objective is to tap the potential of shared audience, increase mutual cooperation and create synergy.


During the EVENT PRO’18 event, the main aims are:

to bring together the suppliers, venue managers and organization companies that are all closely related and represents the sector as a whole while at the same time creating new business opportunities by offering a wide business network.
to bring the latest trends and technologies of the event organization industry to the professionals of the sector. It offers them new tools and opportunities for new experiences they will be offering to their guests in their own events.
to offer one-to-one business meeting opportunities for a wide range of professionals both from all parts of Turkey and from Middle East, Europe, Africa, Balkan Countries and Turkic Republics.
to offer its participants the opportunity to make new business connections both at the national and international level and access new markets and as a result, to grow their business.