CEEBA is seeking the Services of a Marketing & Design Agency or XR Applications Studio for an Augmented Brochure for iHERITAGE project

iHERITAGE project partner in Egypt, the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations – CEEBA is seeking the services of a Marketing & Design Agency and/or XR Applications Studios for the technical and visual design and production of an Augmented Brochure for the EU-funded iHERITAGE Project which is part of the ENI CBC MED Program.

One of the activities foreseen for the iHERITAGE project includes the production of an Augmented Brochure. The methodology applied will create an “augmented” experience starting from paper brochures, based on smartphones, moving from 2D printing to 3D content to be activated when the recognition system captures the reference images thus allowing the virtual contents to be superimposed on the 2D ones. The brochure will be produced in compliance with the ENI CBC MED visibility and communication guidelines and all content provided by CEEBA.

Up for the job? Find out more about the scope of work and perquisites of the task, here: Augmented Reality Brochure_Terms of Reference

Hurry up and send your applications latest by the 20th of August at 12 PM (Cairo Time) by email to info@ceeba.org!