CEEBA is seeking the services of a Video Production Agency for EU-funded

The Confederation of Egyptian Business Associations – CEEBA is seeking the services of a Video Production Agency to produce a storytelling video for the EU-funded MEDWAYCAP Project. The MEDWAYCAP project, co-financed by the European Union under the ENI – CBC MED programme, aims at promoting and disseminating good practices in the field of reusing treated wastewater as a non-conventional water resource (NCWR).

The storytelling video will highlight the good practices identified by the project partners in the field of NCWRs. The video will make the scientific data easily understandable and memorable by combining it with a narrative that is accessible to a variety of expert and non-expert audiences. The goal is to increase the impact of the solutions identified by teaching how to be “part of the solution” through the use of an interpersonal approach.

The selected video production agency will be responsible for the conception of concepts and storyboards, external and internal filming, high-quality video recordings, montage/editing sequences of “before/after” stages with archival footage, preparation material/coordination of interviews with relevant stakeholders, editing in HD 1080i video format, post-production with graphic animation, colour-correction and rendering in HD 1080i format, subtitling of the video/s in English/Arabic, and uploading the videos to the project platform within the interactive map. The maximum budget allocated for the services is 7.000 EUR.

The target audience for the project includes water authorities, chambers of commerce, local/regional authorities, ministries, public and private business sectors, practitioners and labour force, water users’ associations, NGOs, community-based organizations, farmer organizations, scientists and development agents, youth networks, Mediterranean political platforms, and regional organizations.

To qualify for the project, the company must be experienced in video production, editing, and graphic design with related qualifications/certifications. The selected expert should come from countries eligible to participate in the procurement procedures as indicated in Article 9 of Regulation (EU) No 236/2014.

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The deadline to receive the applications is 10 April 2023.

Please send your proposals on coo@ceeba.org