ENI CBC MED Exhibition at Techne Summit Alexandria 2021

The Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations –CEEBA- in collaboration with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce will be hosting an exhibition at this year’s Techne Summit Alexandria, in its 7th edition, from the 2nd to the 4th of October at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The exhibition will feature 9 EU-funded, ENI CBC MED, cross-border projects, from at least 5 different industries, which are currently being implemented in Egypt.

Techne Summit, the largest investment and entrepreneurship conference in the Mediterranean, in its hybrid edition, will offer exceptional opportunities for individuals and businesses from 9 different industries where they get the chance to expand their networks with more than 15.000 attendees, engage and gain experience from more than 200 speakers from around the world as well as take part at the ‘Corporate & Start-Up Exhibition’ organized by Techne.

Our team at the ENI CBC MED booth will feature and offer all needed information and participation details of the following diverse EU-funded projects:

CRE@CTIVE, a project aimed at addressing the issues faced by the traditional sectors of textile, clothing, footwear, and leather in terms of product and process innovation, the development of new business models, and the formation of long-term commercial alliances to enhance value chains.

EMPHASIS, which is a project that aims to improve SMEs’ access to innovation and technologies in the EURO-Mediterranean region by forming cross-border innovation partnerships (open innovation – OI) and addressing relevant size restrictions.

iHERITAGE, which aims to enhance on- and off-site access to UNESCO cultural heritage through the use of cutting-edge Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), as well as contribute to the creation of the first Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean.

INTECMED will use EU funds to create a local integrated innovation ecosystem to facilitate technical transfer and commercialization of research results. The project will generate a unified vision of how to build start-ups while overcoming inexperience and gaps between academic knowledge and company development using an approach called building resilience into risk management (BRIM).

INVESTMED promotes creative, long-term business opportunities for young people and women in three countries: Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia, with the purpose of assisting MSMEs in overcoming both economic and environmental challenges. Staff will be trained and coached to assist MSMEs in becoming more competitive, while public agencies’ capacity to provide access and protect Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) would be increased as a result of the project.

MAIA – TAQA promotes resource efficiency services to alleviate environmental pressures in places where resource efficiency supply remains low, by establishing demonstrations in three Mediterranean pilot locations where new services are being implemented. This is currently being applied in Egypt at the Ameria Wholesale Market in Alexandria, where a 100 kWp on-grid photovoltaic solar plant is being built.

MedBEESinessHubs is an ambitious project that aims to boost the economy of underserved rural communities in the Mediterranean by connecting and empowering local people in the creation, management, and access to microfinance for the establishment of artisanal honeybee products, businesses, and tourism service networks.

Med Pearls aims to present the Mediterranean as a unique and integral destination for experiencing the Mediterranean lifestyle through Slow Tourism, enabling visitors to discover new destinations in a sustainable and responsible manner while spending time in direct contact with local populations. The Egyptian pilot areas of the project are the District of Al-Montazah and the Lakes of Mariout, Edku and Burullus.

SOLE, a project that promotes cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations of public buildings through cross-border knowledge sharing, as well as encouraging behavioral change in people and influencing local policies through lobbying and advocacy to incorporate the project’s findings into relevant policy frameworks. The pilot building of the project in Egypt is the Administration Building of the Faculty of Engineering at the Alexandria University.

We invite you to visit our booth ‘EU ENI CBC Med Programme Projects” at Techne Summit 2021 and learn how you can benefit from the projects for your business idea, project or company.

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