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CEEBA is looking to hire a technical expert for the implementation of the MEDWAYCAP Project

In the framework of the ENI CBC MED project “The Mediterranean pathway for Innovation Capitalisation toward an urban-rural integrated development of Non-Conventional Water Resources” – MEDWAYCAP..

فتح باب التقديم على منحة فرعية بقيمة تصل الى ١٢.٠٠٠ يورو CRE@CTIVE:

 :يعلن اتحاد منظمات الأعمال المصرية الأوربية عن فتح باب التقديم على منحة فرعية بقيمة تصل الى ١٢.٠٠٠ يورو ، مقدمة من مشروع CRE@CTIVE!الممول من الاتحاد الأوروبي لتطوير نماذج الأعمال المبتكرة في قطاعات المنسوجات، والملابس والأحذية والجلودمن المستهدف من المنحة؟الدعوة مفتوحة للفنانين والمصممين وأعضاء الصناعة الثقافية والإبداعية، و الشركات القائمة...

CRE@CTIVE launches call for the textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries

The Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations is pleased to announce the launch of the call for applications for a sub-grant of up to 12,000 euros, provided by the EU-funded CRE@CTIVE project to develop innovative business models in the textile, clothing, footwear and leather sectors..

INVESTMED opens calls for sub-grant applications from Business Support Organisations

The EU-funded INVESTMED project is launching sub-grants for Business Support Organisations (BSOs) in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia.

INVESTMED opens calls for sub-grant applications for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The EU-funded INVESTMED project has opened the call for subgrants to support small businesses in the Southern Mediterranean.

EU-funded MedBEESinessHubs is seeking services to deliver a study

CEEBA is requesting the services to deliver a customised study and analysis of the current situation and the potential benefits of the economic exploitation of the...

EU-funded MedBEESinessHubs is seeking Researcher to deliver a Mapping report

CEEBA is requesting the services of a Researcher to deliver a Mapping report of the honeybee producers and policy frameworks at cross border level in Egypt...

Euro-Med Academia and SMEs engage in EU-funded iHERITAGE project to develop innovative products for tourism and cultural heritage valorization

One of the primary goals of the European Union-funded iHERITAGE project is to use and highlight the valuable knowledge and innovative ideas of Mediterranean communities in the realization of its ambitious, game-changing activities and the integration of new technologies in tourism and cultural valorization industries.

Med Pearls: Opportunities and prospects for ‘ICT powering Med Tourism’ presented at Cairo-ICT exhibition

The Med Pearls project organized a unique BRIDGE event that brought together the tourism and ICT sectors in Alexandria and Cairo (Egypt) from 10 to 12 November 2021...

MEDWAYCAP – Mediterranean PathWAY for Innovation CAPitalisation Toward an Urban-rural Integrated Development of Non-conventional Water Resources

MEDWAYCAP (Mediterranean pathWAY for innovation CAPitalisation toward an urban-rural integrated development of non-conventional water resources) is an EU...