Honey bee business Egyptian stakeholders discuss their contribution to economic growth and share the challenges they face on one table in the “MedBEESinessHubs Bee Dialogue workshop”

How the honeybee sector can contribute to economic growth and what challenges the sector SMEs are facing? This question was discussed with stakeholders and private sector representatives during the MedBEESiness Hubs Bee Dialogue workshop organized by CEEBA – Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations in the Alex Chamber الغرفة التجارية المصرية بالإسكندرية.

The event was addressed by Dr. Hussein Mansour of the National Food Security Authority, Ms. Sherihan Bekhiet, Assistant Minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Mohamed Fathalla, Director Honey Bee Research Center, Dr. Mahmoud Bahaa Emara and private sector representatives like Ahmed Saqr, Vice Chairman, Alexandria Chamber and Mr. Amr Daoud, Chairman Abu Daoud Trading. The very vivid discussion with many honeybee producers on the challenges and possible solutions was coordinated by Mr. Osama MORIES, Capacity Development & MSMEs International Expert.