Inside look into the Egyptian Textile, Leather and Footwear Market.

CEEBA conducted market research on the traditional sectors of textile, leather and footwear in Egypt within the framework of the ENI CBC Med programme’s CRE@CTIVE Project.

The study highlighted some of the sectors capacities, challenges, and potential areas for integrating innovation in the traditional sector of textile, footwear and leather.

Some of the challenges mentioned were issues that have plagued the industries for years, namely: largely untrained labour force, limited use of modern technology, slow privatization process and major economic constraints. It also emphasized the industry’s key strengths; Egypt’s strategic location and proximity to the EU and US, as well as the numerous preferential trade agreements with EU, US Arab, and African countries.

Additionally, it demonstrated the significance of innovation in the sectors and the other factors affecting the stagnant development of the traditional sectors.

Through the CRE@CTIVE Project, CEEBA in cooperation with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce hope to further foster the key strengths of Egypt’s traditional sectors and support its MSMEs to innovate and become more competitive on a national and global scale.

For more information on the project: CRE@CTIVE | ENI CBC Med