Med Pearls Fam Trips Showcased in MeeT and TRaVeL MagGazine

The latest edition of MeeT and TRaVeL MagGazine features an exclusive article spotlighting the Med Pearls Familiarization “Fam” trips. Dive into the Nov-Dec edition to explore these slow tourism pearls, a testament to the EU-funded Med Pearls project’s commitment to redefining travel experiences.

The article introduces an Egypt that transcends the conventional tourist hotspots, offering a contemporary journey off the beaten track. It emphasizes a “slow tourism” ethos, inviting readers to delve into local life and immerse themselves in authentic experiences. Last spring, six fortunate tour operators embarked on a captivating exploration in the heart of Alexandria, discovering hidden treasures and embracing the pulse of local communities.

Med Pearls aims to shine a spotlight on lesser-explored regions across six Mediterranean countries: Egypt, Spain, Greece, Italy, Jordan, and Palestine. These pearls represent a novel approach to travel, prioritizing tranquil walks and immersive encounters that foster profound connections with the region’s cultural tapestry.

Beyond conventional tourism, these projects champion sustainability, environmental conservation, and the upliftment of local economies. This emphasis on responsible travel amplifies the significance of these journeys, resonating with travelers seeking authentic and impactful experiences.

For a comprehensive read, delve into the full publication available here (we’re on page 23!). Explore the pages and embark on a visual and narrative journey that encapsulates the essence of Med Pearls’ remarkable Fam trips. Join us in celebrating slow tourism, community connections, and meaningful travel experiences.