MedBEESinessHubs Workshop : “Drawing on Furniture”

The third of a series of @MedBEESinessHubs workshops organized by CEEBA took place today the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce where Interior Designer, Founder of ORIGO, and Veneer Instructor @Eman Ramadan,  delivered a session around “Drawing on Furniture”, The participants were provided with technical and practical information on how to use honeybees themes for designs such as proportional harmonies in nature and art as well as using honeybees’ products such as honey, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, propolis, and venom for polishing furniture, lubricate wood etc.


The workshop is a part of a series of @MedBEESinessHubs workshops which aim to provide technical as well as practical training on the crafting of honeybee products of which include cosmetics, gifts, and accessories. The third part of this workshop will take place online on the 26th of January, where the workshop will revolve around honeybee cosmetics and therapeutic applications.




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