Opportunity for international shipping agencies to ship the MEDWAYCAP exhibition.

CEEBA – Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations is looking for the services of an international shipping agency to ship the #MEDWAYCAP exhibition. The MEDWAYCAP exhibition presents a collection of #bestpractises#casestudies and #methodologies for ‘non-conventional #waterresources ‘, with a focus on the #reuse of treated #wastewater.

The selected agency will ship the exhibition:
·       From (Amman – Jordan) to (Thessaloniki – Greece) at the end of June.
·       From (Thessaloniki – Greece) to (Sicily – Italy) at end of August.
If you have experience in handling international shipping operations with 10 years of experience in the shipping industry and a good portfolio and references with similar assignments, apply now!

The selected company should come from countries eligible to participate in the procurement procedures.

Click here to view the ToR Link here: https://lnkd.in/dDVdE_n8

The deadline to receive your proposals is the 29th of June 2023.