SOLE Pilot in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University is expected to save up to 11 thousand tons in Co2 emissions

The ENI CBC Med “SOLE” Project aims at developing public buildings into being more sustainable and energy-efficient through incorporating renewable energy sources to reduce costs and the negative impact to the environment, as well as act as an example that could lead to a shift to renewable energy sources.

CEEBA, in cooperation with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company, is working on rehabilitating the Faculty of Engineering into a more sustainable, energy-efficient building. The intervention will primarily focus on installing PV panels on the rooftop and upper floors of the panels, acting as a semi façade to the windows and creating a self-sustaining energy source of 150 kWh for the entire building’s electrical and mechanical systems. A standby battery will be installed for elevator use.

Additionally, the electrical system’s units will be replaced with the more efficient LED and fluorescent (compact lamps) lights, which provide the same amount of light at 10% energy consumption. Overall the estimated energy savings from the intervention equals 27,000 kWh per month; and will reduce CO2 emissions with an upper limit of 11,000 tons, and a lower limit of 5,500 tons per month. It will also create a financial saving of 39,000 EGP (roughly 2,100 EURO) per month.

This initiative will rehabilitate the building into a more efficient, green building and will act as a flagship for promoting future professional and educational projects; and create behavioural change in energy consumption.

For more information on the project kindly check the following link: SOLE | ENI CBC Med