State Ownership Policy

The Egyptian Government has published its updated State Ownership Policy. The framework represents the first stage of setting the Egyptian State Ownership Policy for the State-owned assets, including assets to which the State owns or contributes.

Reforms adopted by the Egyptian State aim to promote the private sector’s role in economic activity and create the economic environment that attracts and supports investments to lay the main foundations for the State’s presence in economic activity, the State Ownership Policy and the rationale behind it.

The State Ownership Policy for Assets encompasses some economic activities and sectors in which the State’s investments shall be maintained or increased given their strategic or social dimensions or their correlation to the public interest.
Meanwhile, the private sector will be allowed to participate in them, provided that this orientation is subject to periodic evaluation by the Supreme Committee to Implement State Ownership Policy for Assets.

The objectives of the State Ownership Policy are as follows
1.       Raising economic growth rates to levels that meet Egyptians’ aspirations
2.       Empowering the Egyptian private sector
3.       The concentration of the State involvement to inject investments in assets ownership in key sectors
4.       Governance of the State’s presence in economic activities

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